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Wednesday, 13th November, 2019
The latest news (and rumours) from Palmerston.
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By Stuart McLaren

I've kinda given up on publishing 'news' on the site, I find it easier just to let you get on with it on the Message Boards! Any news snippets I do have, I'll put on here, such as reports from the AGM etc., and I do occasionally pick up some juicy snippets on Match Day!
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If You Still Want to Know?

2nd November, 2019

Only a week late due to problems at my end, but if anyone is still interested in a fans view report from the draw at Alloa last weekend, Russell's report has now been added.


Pre-Season Round Up

7th July, 2019

To carry on from where my "Season Round-Up" left off, here's a round-up of everything that has happened since then as we prepare for our first competitive game against Motherwell next Saturday.  I'll update this story (hopefully) if we make any more signings.  PS. Please click on CTRL-Refresh to update the side graphic and finally get rid of that picture of Gary Harkins!


Round Up

26th June, 2019

Just to polish off all the details of the 2018/2019 season, here's a round-up of everything that has happened since the end of the season.


Season Review Part 8

19th June, 2019

The aftermath of the Partick Thistle defeat was dramatic. Gary Harkins Tweeted after the game that a Queen's player had said they "didn't give a f**k", Lyndon Dykes had the finger pointed at him, by me too I must admit, but it turned out not to have been him, and he was to go on to play an important part in the playoffs.  More importantly, Gary Naysmith was immediately dismissed, to be replaced by our former manager, Alan "Magic" Johnston.


Season Review Part 7

15th June, 2019

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!  Gary Naysmith had been named Manager of the Month for the month of January, surely we couldn't be hit by the dreaded curse?  I think a bigger factor may well have been the loss of Naysmith's assistant, Dougie Anderson.


Season Review Part 6

12th June, 2019

I'm just going to do a short review of January for part 6 of my Season Review, as it was from that point on that things started to go wrong, as Queens plummeted from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows.


Season Review Part 5

8th June, 2019

As winter kicked in, but not too badly, Queens continued their up and down season, as they started the month of November in 3rd, but had soon dropped back to 6th.  A couple of results either way make such a huge difference in this league?


Season Review Part 4

5th June, 2019

After winning their last 2 league games with an 8-0 aggregate, Queens looked like they were ready to make a push for the top.  The much-maligned defence, until our late slump, saw us have one of the best goal differences in the league, and indeed, even after the slump, it was only that goal difference that saved us from the drop!


Season Review Part 3

29th May, 2019

Queens started the League Season pretty well, indeed, jumping way ahead of this installment of the review, by the end of January we were well in contention for a top 4 finish, not a bad return for the side with the 2nd lowest average attendance in the league!


Season Review Part 2

25th May, 2019

The competitive season kicked off on 14th July (the day before the World Cup Final!) with the easiest possible match, at home to The Cley-Holers!  Despite the obvious pull of this huge local derby, only 803 turned out for the match, it was looking like Queens would have their work cut out to attract the punters through the gates this season!


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