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Saturday, 21st July, 2018
Here We Go!

By Stuart McLaren

Date 17th July, 2018

Queens 3 Clyde 0

Last time Queens played Clyde (9 years ago), Steven Dobbie scored 4 in a 7-1 win. Tonight, he "only" managed to score 3 as he took his total for the season to 5, I think he may have tied up the Top Scorer prize for this season already.  And as a bonus, we kept a clean sheet too.


Queen's Next Game

Is against

Edinburgh City


21st July, 2018 at 15:00


Ainslie Park, Edinburgh

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Our last 4 games against Edinburgh City
(Queen's score 1st) (more ...)
2-0 - - -
Fantasy Betting League
Top 3 after :
Clyde 17th July, 2018



middleagedirtbag 106
QoS1_StMirren1 25
Mighty South 15

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