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Wednesday, 22nd January, 2020
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Andy Thomson
Queen's Best Ever

By Stuart McLaren

According to the poll on this site, Andy Thomson is the best player ever to have played for Queens (since the 70's!). On Saturday he returns to Palmerston for the first time in over 10 years, and should expect to receive a hero's welcome.

Andy Thomson signed for Queens in July, 1989 from Youth Football in his native Motherwell. By the time he left on 4th July, 1994, he had been voted Scottish League Division 2's player of the year twice, scored 109 goals in 187 starts, and done enough to earn him the title of Queen's Best Ever Player (Since the 70's) on this very site. Queens received £250,000.00 from Southend for him, but his career down south never really took of as it should have, and the highlight of his trips round Southend, Oxford, Gillingham and QPR was scoring the winning goal for Gillingham at Wembley in the 2000 Division 2 play of final, a goal which will always see him regard as almost as much of a hero in Kent as in Dumfries.

He eventually returned to Scotland last season but after an unsuccessful season in the Premier League, has reverted to the First Division this season with Falkirk.

Which brings us of coarse to Saturday.


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