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Thursday, 20th January, 2022
Ian McCall
Another One Bites The Dust.

By Stuart McLaren

Another season of 2 halves.At the turn of the year, things looked even bleaker than the previous year. This time the manager kept his job but brought in Gordon Chisholm as his assistant and made some vital signings in Jamie MacDonald, Jamie Adams, Steve Murray, Stevie Tosh and Stephen Dobbie.  The best undefeated run in many years saw Queens once again pull away from the relegation zone with a game to spare. At the end of the season McCall was replaced as manager by Chisholm.

2006/2007 - More of the Same

Yet another season of struggle for Queens as for most of the season it looked like a head to head battle between us and Airdrie for who would go straight down and who would be in the play offs. Infact, for some time, even Airdrie looked out of reach.  However, by Christmas, it was a 3 way battle as Ross County got sucked back in, and once again Queens season took of  in January as they went on an undefeated run of 12 games to once again pull into that vital 8th place in the league and let others worry about such things as Play Offs.  Palmerston saw a couple of big game. Premier League bound Gretna brought a surprisingly large travelling support to the first 'Dumfriesshire Derby' in most people's life time, and Queens 1st Scottish Cup Quarter final tie in 30 years against Hibs pulled in our biggest crowd in many years. At the end of the season, Ian McCall anounced he was leaving the club because they could not match his ambition (many believe he was pushed) and was replaced by Gordon Chisholm.

The site under went another massive re write towards the end of the season, which hopefully no one noticed.  The idea of the re write was to make the site a beautiful XHTML and CSS layout (don't look too closely under the bonnet!) and hence make it possible for me to make it more readable on mobile devices. The look on a computer screen should hopefully be exactly as it was before.




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