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Thursday, 20th January, 2022
Andy Goram
New Young Find

By Stuart McLaren

Having won their first league title for 51 years the previous season, Queens went on to win their first ever National Cup when they beat Brechin in The Challenge Cup Final, and cemented their place in the 1st Division. Rivals meanwhile had dropped all Scottish sites, and The Only Team in The Bible had decided to go 'independant' again.

2002/2003 - The Good Times Keep Coming

On 20th October, 2002, half of Dumfries decended upon Broadwood Stadium, Cumbernauld, to see Queens beat Brechin 2-0 in the Challenge CupFinal. The choice of venue had been controversial in the weeks running up to the final, and to be honest, the atmosphere wasn't as good as it had been in that first final when we lost to Falkirk, but the win kind of made up for it. In the League, after a slow start, Queen's first season in the 1st Division for many years saw them finish comfortably mid-table, with the help of a new young find in goals, Andy Goram.

The Only Team in The Bible was independant again, as Rivals had decided to drop all Scottish 2nd and 3rd Division sides, and eventually the whole Scottish Network (actually, this happened some time the previous season). I decided not to take up the offer of running the MAD site as I wanted more freedom over the layout of my site, but after a trial with a new Message Board which proved disasterous as it became over-run with pop up adverts, I decided to use the MAD Message Boad, now run by the Duke of Galloway, as the Message Board for this site too.



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