The Bible Class

Stuart McLaren

Dumfries, Scotland

Colin Johnstone

Eastriggs, Scotland

Ken Glover

Marcoola Beach ,Australia

Hugh Mclachlan

Orillia, Ontario, Canada

Supporter of Queens for many years even altho we emigrated to Canada in 1947.

Steven Lenza

Dumfries, Scotland

Brent Howatt

Eureka, California ,United States

I'm a referee and sometime over-the-hill player. I was surfing around looking at links to Dumfries, where my family lived before coming over here. I'm glad to have found a team to support in the Scottish League. (You can't support Rangers... that'd be like suporting the Yankees in American Baseball.) I like the match reports. They don't show much second division on US television. Too bad about promotion this year. Well, as we say about the San Jose Clash, "Wait til next year (and our season just started)."

Josie Wright


Through link from Colin's page .... need more original idea's !!

Wellington Bernardes


I am soccer player amateur in Brazil i would like possible of doing some tests in this considered club. In fact not only me, but some friends also would likw to know, if it is possible, In case it is impossible I thank the attention and it would like to excuse me for this inconvience.

Don Hyslop

Greenwood,Nova Scotia


Learned about this page from Colin Johnston's links. Great work,keep it up!



Edinburgh, Scotland


Steven Turner

Duns, Scotland

Recently left Dfs and although mad Aberdeen fan I always went to Palmie to watch the local team. Found this thru How about an old players page like fat Rab Stewart, Boobby Dickson etc.

Chuck Dickson

Dumfries now Sunderland

Scott Thomson

Kansas City (originally from Alloa),United Sates of America

I linked to your site from the Stirling Albion (7-0 ha-ha-ha!!!!) site. Of all the division 2 sites, yours is the only one that actually has a map! The pub guide is great. I've been in the 'hole in the wa' a few times (John Laurie's local wasn't it?). I'm in England for a few weeks on business and have managed to persuade my wife to go to her first ever footie game. Yes QOS versus Alloa!! So if you see a flustered looking Alloa man, explaining to an Englishwoman which team is which and what the bloke with the flag does, you know who it is.

Robin Jeffrey


Martin Harkness

Appleton , Cheshire

I was the 9 year old boy who won the signed strip from the challenge cup final squad.I LOVE it.

Gordon Porteous (Tree)

Aberdeen, Sheepland

Willie Pool

Bergen, Germany (Ex Dumfries)

Come On You Queens ! Serving Soldier who doesn't get to see Queens too much as i'm in Germany presently. Was a ball boy in the 70's at the club. Supporter through thick and thin. Would love to see more news & views as it's a wee bit difficult to get "The Standard " accross here. Hard to keep up to date with whats going on.


Alan Cowan

Port Moresby , Papua New Guinea

Been trying to access this for months!! It's good to see queens are loosing not losing !

Gordon Jennings

Gourock, Scotland

Nice site. What is happening to Queens? - Much the same as Morton I imagine. If you don't want Super Ro we will take him back. Connected via a link from the site formerly known as the official Morton page - now very much unofficial

Douglas De Oliveira

Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

A goalkeeper who is looking for a trial with Queens. Passed his details on to the club. Good luck.

Andrew Skarbek

Melbourne, Australia

Saw Queens play in Dumfries when I was a kid on holidays in the 70s. Don't remember who they played but they lost. Been a fan ever since and have always checked the results in the paper. Now with the net I get to hear the bad news almost as it happens.

Ari Arob

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Nice to see loyal supporters putting up a website for them. All the best in the rest of the season. Don't get relegated!

Richard Kinkead

Lantana, Florida, USA

Friend of John Temple ex: Lockerbie, currently in Abu Dhabi. Looking for Tshirt as Birthday gift for his daughter, or an emblem I can copy onto one. Haven't found one yet, though. Thanks, RNK

Peter Newbitt

Southampton, England

George and Stefan Chilvers

Wigan, UK

We're Wigan Athletic fans (our own website is if you're interested) and on holiday have seen Queens twice, against Berwick and Hibernian. Saw great similarities with the Latics, and look out for the scores every week. This way we get disappointed twice as much. Keep up the good work!

Walt Adamson

Glasgow, Scotland



Glasgow, Scotland

Great to find this site :) QOS for ever.

James Maddison

London, Australia

Fan Club Info



Peterborough, England

Better get it right soon. We`re too close to the foot of the table!

Julian Jones

Swansea, Wales

Hello, I am a Swansea City supporter and I always look at your results. I hate the English, love the Celts. You can always drop me a line and we could always try forge a link between the two clubs. Come on you Celts.

Neil Webster

Dumfries, Scotland


Mervyn Love

Melbourne, Australia

The site is particularly interesting in the fact that I recognise old familiar names . I have contacted one or two people through your site from my school days in Dumfries in the Sixties and early seventies.


Steve Collison

Peterborough, England

Hope to make it to Palmerston on Jan 2, hope to see a win on my first visit. Posh are out of our cup so we hope Queens will be more succesful up there. QOS & Posh Forever.

Steve ,Dan, Andy
The Posh Queens.

Mark Blount

Dumfries, Scotland

I respect your opinion's but would like to know where you get some of your rumour's.Loved the McCall story,especially calling him Gordon.Found it from a link from the other Queen's page.Your both obviously putting in a lot of time and effort,although I don't agree with all your points,keep up the good work.


Dumfries, Scotland

Kris Edgar

Dumfries, Scotland

Richard Isaacs

Southampton, England

After much wondering, I have now found all the Queens sites and am thoroughly enjoying all of them. I have been a Doonie for about 16 years now, and try and get to Palmerston as often as I can. Queens are the only team for me, although all my mates down here take the mick, because I support such an unknown team. Believe you me, they are not 'unknown' now. Keep up the good work.

Barry Stevens

Southampton, England

Where is the Forfar Page?? (You tell me. See news 30/1/99)

jed mccormick


Chorley, England

QoS are my Scottish team Usually watch them every November. However, My first team is Preston North End. Lets just hope you put a good run together and avoid relegation.

Alasdair Wardhaugh

Harare, Zimbabwe

Celtic first,Queens second. Next year will be better!


Livingston, Bonnie Scotland

Just to say....we at Livi have had some great days out in Dumfries during the last few will be a pity to lose them.....Hope you stay up lads....and The Hole in The Wa' is the best for bar lunches..!Sandy and Kirsty travel from Livingston on our bus when we play there...say hi for us Sandy....!

David Tiplady

Hartlepool, England

Euan Harrison

Cupar, Scotland

David Lorimer

Dumfries, Scotland

Season Ticket Holder for the past 5 seasons.

Terry Cullen


Craig Grierson

Dumfries, Scotland

Got to it from a link on the official web page.

Iain Hill


Upper Hutt,New Zealand

5-3 away at Alloa, at last the great Houdini act is beginning. Don't all the team turn up until the end of the season?!!! Last stood on the terraces in 1946 but have been a closet supporter ever since. (PS Received this message the Sunday after the game. Good news travels fast to New Zealand!)


Sanquhar, USA

Go on the Queens !!!!!! 5 in a row nae bother.

Neil Irving

Collin, Scotland

Followed the Link from Colin Johnstone's site.




Jodie Newell

Traralgon,Victoria, Australia

Great to see a Queen of the South web site, informative and easy to browse, great site!!!

dj spudgun

Lochside 'guns' Dumfries, Ecossse

I want to buy that song they play at the start, half-time and end of home Q.o.S. games. Queen of the South Queen Queen of the Sooouuttthhhhh you know the one. Great site, but maybe you could spice it up with a kiddies picture gallery, my 3 year old bairn - Keefer , drew this picture of his favourite player , as you can probably guess it's Nesovic !! He's 4 soon and he would love to see his picture on da net. (Check it out in Bits and Pieces)

Yours in hope of promotion next year,

Jim Paul

Dumfries, D&G

Just browsing and passing through. Recognised the name of the host and beleive I went to school with him. If so hello stuart Mclaren. Hope I spelled that ok!

Keith Yarham

Edinburgh, Scotland

I was born and brought up in Dumfries, but have been away for 15 years now. I still take in a few QOS games each season, most recently being East Fifes drubbing on 3/4/99. Found you thru net search, will bookmark for future though!

John Crawford


Glasgow, Scotland

I came across this now by accident after looking through a different search engine for the virtually inaccessible official Queens web site. This is brilliant. Why did I not know about it before ? I hope to contribute more meaningfully after the initial shock of finding something Queens-related in the information world. PS Saturday was a doddle. I'm almost harking back to the good old days of crapping myself before matches and wondering if we'd scrape a draw or only get 2 men sent off. Bring on Clyde - it's time for a steaming and get revenge for the Broadwood divers.

Sandy Orr


Livingston, Scotland

Good match reports, it's a pity the only away ground you travel to is Firhill. Why don't you go with the Travel club? You miss some great away days (well maybe not much football!)

Matt Cottam

Great web page! Keep it going for us exiles!!

Colin Carmichael

Manchester, England

Graham McGeorge

New York, U.S.A

Link from the official page.

Simon Davidson

Manchester, England

I was a regular at Palmerston during the promotion winning season with Bryce, Hetherington, Davidson, Cloy & Co. Can't get to see them much these days since I moved, so any info to my email would be magic, cheers

Robert Welsh

Shrewsbury, England

Queen of the South are the best team in the world. I come from Dumfries. Oh girls I am 6ft dark male and single!!!

Kenny Macintyre

Sydney (ex-Dumfries), Australia

Found this site via the official Queens site. There are a number of Dumfries boys here in Sydney who regularly get together and reminisce on the "good old days" at Palmerston!?!? They are myself, Davy Richardson, Andy Knox and Jimmy Thomson - the "Doonhamers Doonunder"!!

John Johnstone

Dalbeattie, Scotland

Steven Mathers

Dalbeattie, Scotland

Derek Richardson

Dumfries but now in Thurso, Scotland

Promotion next year








Jeremy Houston


Dalbeattie, Scotland

Good riddence to Derek Townsley. What a waste of valueable cash

Martin Ayres

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Congratulations on being the only QOS site which has managed to keep up to date

Ewan Lithgow

Dumfries, Scotland




I am an exile who likes to keep in touch with happenings at Palmerston. Any information would be great on the page, esp. gossip etc an up to date happenings



Chas Edwards

Ipswich, England

Been in Ipswich for 10yrs, usually see one game a season at Christmas. Bum deal this year - away at Alloa.The only way I get any Queens news is on the Web - good job, keep it up.

greg millar

Dumfries, Scotland

Great too see info on the net about the south . Well done mate.

Stephen Wilson

Musselburgh, Scotland

Keep up the honest reporting

David Roulston

Ashington, Northumberland, England

Came to it via the official QoS website. Keep up the good work. I trust that Peter Dickson will get enough votes as best forward. His performance against Ayr United in the historic 5-4 victory at Palmerston stands out in the memory.

Brian Murphy


Keep up the good work, Up the QUEENS!

Andy Struthers

New Galloway, Scotland

Good to see.....keep it going.

Robert Kimenai

Rijen, The Netherlands

roger wignall

Blackpool, England

bring tomo back!

Alex Wilson

Dumfries, Scotland

Good on you. More personal opinions expressed.


Dumfries, Scotland

Finally ive found it. Im in Ireland just now for 6 Months . up the queens




David Main


Born and bred in Dumfries, I see more away games than home games. Ballboy from 68-70

Dougie Graham

Kinloss, Moray (ex Castle Douglas), Scotland

Lorne Haugh

exCastle Douglas now Loanhead, Scotland

browsing through qos pages.nice site. I am a 14 year old qos supporter and i was wondering if you knew of someone similar to me to chat about qos and other things.thankyou.

Duncan McLachlan

Kirkcudbright now Edinburgh

We're surely due a good run sometime this season

Michael Jolliffe

Heisdorf, Luxembourg

I grew up in Dumfries when Queens were in the old first division and regularly played the big teams from Glasgow and Edinburgh. Changed days!

Alex Diram

Daventry, England

I wish the team were as good as the site!

Lez Coupland

Mexico City, Mexico

Please keep up the good work !

James McNay

Glasgow, Scotland

Thomas Reid

Dumfries, Scotland

campbell graham


Iain Hill

Upper Hutt , New Zealand

Keeps me in touch

Stuart King

Ruthwell , Scotland

Heard about tye page via official site. Would like to read that Queens have just signed four top players against stiff competition from Celtic, Man Utd and Bayern Munich!!

Andy Paterson


Good to see some more stuff about Queens on the internet.Great web page design and graphics incidentally - I'm surprised you havent been headhunted by the council!

Tony Dickson

Dumfries , Scotland

Life long Queens fan

Tom Banks

Norwich , UK

Was a fan through the 60s and into the 70s before I moved away. Always watch for results. Found page through links from official QoS page. Will comment further once I've gathered a taste for it.

Kevin McNicoll

Antrim, Northern Ireland

Gareth Holden

Belfast, orthern Ireland

I have been a follower of the Queens for a number of years and have visited the ground a number of times. I also made the trip across to Stranraer last year. Brill site by the way and keep up the good work. Super Queens

Blues Brothers Wattenscheid

Wattenscheid, Germany

Black & white greetings from Wattenscheid, Germany!!! party on, BLUES BROTHERS WATTENSCHEID

graham crossan

Glasgow , Scotland


Ian Gulline

New Abbey now living in Aberdeen

Hoping relegation does not happen even thoughnI will get to games at Brechin, Forfar, Montrose and Peterhead next season. Saw the page on club official site which I got news of via an Arbroath match programme.

John Byers

Cork City , Ireland

Have they knocked the Coo-Shed doon yet?

Ignore the other e-mail address,it`s knackered.The only team in a Garth Brook`s song.

Nick Spooner

Stoke-on-trent , England

any chance stoke city v Q O S pre season friendly?

Scot Carrick


better than the official site (P.S. Colin, his words, not mine!)

Dr Thomas Brownlee

Birmingham Uni , England

Left Dumfries aged 9 after 5 years of holding a season ticket. About to move to Australia. I think the only way I can keep in touch with Queens is over the internet So please don't give up reporting in this site. Ever Cheers Boys

Steve Collison

Peterborough , England

Haven`t seen the big Southies who follw Posh lately, Where are you lads?

Tony Cook

Ryde , England

I have often wondered why I have this affection for Queen of the South. Let me firstly say that I live in Ryde on the Isle of Wight and have supported Portsmouth for 30 years, forever waiting for them to return to the glory years of the 40's and 50's. I started taking an interest in QOS in the mid 70's, I think I was attracted by the name. It's hard to find out much about a team from 400 miles away, so the QOS websites are a godsend. Please keep up the good work. My QOS contacts are very limited. I have not seen them play, but have visited the ground once while on holiday. Apart from that I've seen Andy Thomson play twice for Southend (scoring twice) against Portsmouth. At some time I shall get up to watch a game, it remains an unfulfilled ambition. Keep up the good work.

Ian Raffel

Northampton , England

Enjoy reading up on the boys! Great way of keeping in touch with what's happening! Moved away from Dumfries early 80s and miss my trips to the games.

Simon Millage

Liverpool , England

We hate Stranraer

Iain Dalling

Dumfries , Scotland

See you next week at the Partick game - we were robbed today !!

Owen Lonsdale

Farnham Common Bucks, England

Born in Gatehouse of Fleet and have followed Queens from my early childhood. Found the page surfing

Tony Cook

Ryde, England

Lewis Parker

Castle Douglas, SCOTLAND

david reilly

edinburgh , uk

I was sent to your page when trying to get a report on the glorious 1-3 defeat last tuesday at alloa


Newbury, UK

Born Dumfries, now living in Newbury and supporting Southampton FC

Stuart Thomson

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Left Dumfries at 16 (1978) to join Army and have fond memories of thr Golden 70's when attendancies were good and so was the standard of footy. I think the e-following is actually higher then the actual if you know what i mean. Good Luck.

Ian Graham

Dumfries , Scotland

Pure Class

Innes Macleod

Edinburgh, Scotland





paul townsley(cooter)

london(ex dumfries), england


Mark Straiton

Edinburgh, Scotland

How about some 70's photos?

Lez Coupland

Mexico City, Mexico

Great site. I'd love to hear from any other Dumfries folk who might ken me. Feel free to publish my E-mail address.

David Burns

Twickenham (ex Locharbriggs) , England

Does anyone else remember swapping sides with the other fans to be at the goal Queens were shooting into ?

Iain Henderson


From offic web site.

Lewis Parker

Castle Douglas , SCOTLAND

marc leslie

perth , SCOTLAND

I am now living in Dundee after spending ten years in Dumfries, I try to get to as many Q.O.S. games as possible but distance is a problem. at Palmerston where does the singing come from now??? still behind the home goal???