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Thursday, 20th January, 2022
Denis Boyle
The Donegal Diamond - Didn't Fulfil Potential.

By Stuart McLaren

A season that was to be dominated by one event, and Queens weren't even anywhere near when it occured. Hamilton's players had decided that they were fed up with not getting paid, and refused to play a game against Stenhousehuir. On 14th April, 2000, the beaks at the Scottish league decided that their punishment for this should be the deduction of 15 points. Despite many appeals and counter appeals, the decission was to stand, and was to save Queens from relegation, which would otherwise have been their's by about 10 points.

1999/2000 - The Geat Escape

In hindsight, the decission to retain George Rowe and Ken Eadie as player managers was a wrong one, but they had been so sucessful the year before, it seemed only logical to make what was supposed to be a temporary arrangement permenant.

Queens were bottom of the league almost all season, and, before that day in April, were as good as relegated. As it was, we stayed up on a technicality, but hardly covered ourselves in glory.

The site was still basically just one page with a report done on each game I was at. Click on the reports link below to read them.

There was also a 'rumours' page, and having a quick read of it as I prepared this page, I have to say it was quite interesting!

I'm working on building a historic data base of players, click on the Squad link to see any I've already done for this season.

Click on Fixtures to see Queens results for season 1999/2000.

I added a list of readers of the site, and was quite surprised by the number of people who read my efforts.






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