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Arbroath are trying to be the new Partick Thistle by trying to sign up Queens reserve squad players! Both Tommy Bryce (as a player only this time!) and Jim Thomson have signed for them in the last couple of weeks. I don't think either of them would have been regular 1st teamers anyway although Thomson would have been good cover and it leaves us a bit short of any creativity in midfield. Personally, I think bringing Bryce back last year was a mistake that we were lucky to get away with.

Also received this anonymous e-Mail about the Thomson transfer.

I have heard through the grapevine today that Jim Thomson's signing on fee was £14,000 for a two year contract at Arbroath. I don't know what his weekly wage will be, but that's a years wage or more for your average Queens fan! No wonder Queen' couldn't settle terms with him. Where have Arbroath got the money from?


Hi, I'm back after a lazy couple of weeks. It is unlikely that there will be much else on this site until the start of next season unless there is a majour peice of news, although I still plan to get round to a review of last season. In the meantime, here's a round up of the news you have missed in the last few weeks.

Derek Townsley has signed for Motherwell as widely expected. However, it looks like this will be the end of the transfers as everybody else has resigned except for Thomson and Leslie although they are both expected to sign on eventually. Aitken and Boyle have come back from Aberdeen unsigned for now (no wonder they nearly got relegated!).

Queens have been drawn at home to Arbroath in the first round of the League Cup, the game to be played on the last Wednesday of July, the prize for a win would be potentially our second biggest crowd of the season against Hearts the week after. Why only the second biggest crowd of the season. Read On.

Next seasons sponsors will be local electrical retailers, Alex Wilson and Son, who have won this years sponsorship draw.

Loves, Darlings, Sweethearts, we're all going to be STARS. Palmerston has been confirmed as one of the filming venues for Robert Duval's new movie, the Cup. A team of actors will beat Queens at Palmerston in August as part of the plot of the film. Queens have been given the task of having a capacity 8,000 crowd inside Palmerston for the filming. NOBODY BETTER GET MY PRIME SPOT BEHIND THE OPPOSITION DUG OUT. While he's at it, maybe Darling Bobby could put the lessons he learned in a previous film to good use and make Michael Owen 'an offer he can't refuse' to sign for Queens next season! Look out for horse's heads in your bed Alex Ferguson!


From the Courier :

Jamie McAllister has definitely signed for Aberdeen for a reported 100k, despite the 'non renewal' of Aberdeen Manager Paul Hegarty's contract. Boyle and Aitken are also up on trial but I don't know what the situation is now that they will be 'under new management'.

The Doonhamers' Travel Club made Derek Townsley player of the year and apparently big Degsey got a bit emotional in a 'I won't be back next season' kind of way. George Rowe was runner up, David Mathieson third, Jamie McAllister Young Player of the year, Charlie Adam's lob against Stirling Goal of the Season.

David Mathieson was voted the fan club's Player of the Season.

Andy Aitken has officially been given the first goal on Saturday (well done Colin on the Official Site!).

All but Aitken, Thomson, Townsley and Leslie have signed up for next season, Leslie will probably sign this week and be made captain (why??? He fights girls! Is this a captains example?).

Alex Nesovic, Craig Potts, Gary Russell, Neil Moffat and John Mason have been released. Hang on a minute!! Nesovic being released. It was only in February I reported he was going south for £25,000. How the mighty have fallen!


Received anonymous confirmation of the previous story with a few embellishments.

You're right about McAllister, he will definitely sign a two year contract with Aberdeen this week, worth over 100K to Queens. It's Boyle and Lilley that are going up North for more trials. Jim Thomson is going, not sure where to yet, there are two possibilities, Mathieson is said to have been signed for quite some time by an unnamed club, but I'm not sure on that either. Townsley is supposed to be interesting Motherwell and a couple of First Division clubs, according to him anyway, I don't think that there's much scope for a lazy player like him at a higher level than Palmerston though. PS. Andy Aitken has joined Lilley and Boyle at Aberdeen.


Received another anonymous e-Mail from my new regular source. Thanks again for the info!

I take it that you will have heard that Jamie McAllister is signing for the Dons this week. I also have, from a very reliable source(!) that the Boiler and Lilley are set to go on trial at Pittodrie, so going on their current form I would expect to see them go. Gary Russell was released because he wanted guaranteed 1st team football. Perhaps he will avoid going shopping in Glasgow on Saturdays instead of going to Firhill in future! I saw Naz outside Palmerston before the match, so I don't know what the score is. Incidentally he wasn't at the Player of the Year dance, which was a thoroughly entertaining evening.

Hope you have a good close season, and if you hear of any pre-season freindlies, please post them on your page, as the Daily Rangers and the Scum newspapers very rarely mention Queens during the close season.


East Fife 2  Clyde       1
Forfar    1  Livingstone 2
Inverness 1  Alloa       1
Queens    2  Partick     2
Stirling  2  Arbroath    1

Stenhousemuir secured the second promotion place to division 2 next season as they beet Brechin in their top of the table clash and will replace East Fife who were relegated despite winning today as Stirling also won.

I was looking forward to smugly proclaiming Queens as the only league team within a 70 mile radius but Carlisle saved themselves from relegation out of the English leagues when their keeper went forward and scored a last minute winner to save them. Now that's tension!

The program advised that Queens are the fourth best supported team in the league (behind the glory hunters at Inverness and Livingstone, and Partick) with an average crowd of 1,215 ( 21,871 total).

Final game of the season today is likely to attract our biggest crowd of the season, mainly because its against Partick Thistle. It would have been nice if they had needed to win today to stay up but I must say that I am glad they are staying up. The sun shine of the last few days has disappeared but it doesn't look too bad just now.

From the Courier.

Queens will release 6 players "across the board" this weekend, although no names are available yet. Only Lee Bailey and Gary Russell are under contract, although Russell is leaving the club. (Anybody understand that?)

There is speculation that Derek Townsley will be joining Motherwell or a fist division side where he can play full time football although there have been no firm offers. Personally, I think Townsley is a 29 year old with a good job who would be daft to give it up for a couple of years of full time football. But then again he might just be daft! It would be interesting to see if he actually started to work off the ball if he was full time and didn't get up at 4 o'clock in the morning!

Sceney nominates George Rowe as player of the season and Jamie McAllister as young player. What this space for my season review soon!


Alloa      3  East Fife 1
Arbroath   0  Queens    2
Clyde      4  Stirling  1
Livingston 4  Inverness 3
Partick    1  Forfar    0

Queens, Arbroath, Alloa now all officially safe, Partick almost safe, looks like it is between Stirling and East Fife for the final relegation place. Hamilton have been relegated to play us next season. Stenhousemuir and Brechin will battle it out for the final place in the league.

Another anonymous Naz rumour received. Why are they all anonymous? He must be dangerous!

Just to update on your Naz story, which is one that I had heard as well. I was told last week in the Palmerston Bar (Boy, am I going to miss it in the close season!) that Naz has now returned home to Bradford and won't be back! No doubt some of the Hostelries in Dumfries will be mourning the loss of business. We had a good trip to Arbroath yesterday and enjoyed the unusual sight of us winning in glorious sunshine. The travelling support was magnificent once again, and sang for most of the game. Adam Moffatt had a really good game for a rookie in defence, and I think big J T will be hard pushed to get a game next week, if he is fit. I spoke to big Jim Thomson in the pub yesterday, and he admitted to me that this has been his worst ever season, although he also agreed that it all stems back to the game at Clyde, where both him and Steven Leslie were sent off for Queen's shirts! I think it is always a good sign when players who know that they won't be playing, for whatever reason, still travel to watch the game. Big J T and Leslie were at the game yesterday, and I have seen Jim at every game he has missed this season.


Received an anonymous e-mail about why Naz has been dropped.

Naz had been spotted a couple of weeks ago in The Junction on his own on a Saturday after a match crying into his pint. Apparently he had been in the squad for the match but just prior to the game had been in the bogs boasting to some of the young players about how he had been totally pissed the night before and was still ready to put on the Queen's jersey that afternoon. Just as he finished the story one of the bogs flushed and out stepped Ken Eadie who gave him one almighty bollicking and immediately dropped him. Hasn't featured since either except at Annan when he was as bad as the rest of the team.

David Mathieson came on as a sub for Scotland Under 21s in Germany on Tuesday after 66 minutes with Scotland 1-0 down at the time. I have only seen a couple of brief reports in our wonderful National Press (can't have been many Celtic and Rangers players!) but it would seem that he may have been responsible for the goal he let in as he 'lost his bearings' in the penalty area and gave away a penalty from which Germany scored to win 2-1.


Yet more hard disk problems this weekend, I need a new PC. Somebody e-mail the wife and let her know! So some of my news is a bit late but here it is for anyone who missed it.

George Rowe and Ken Eadie have been confirmed by the board as the management team until the end of next season.

David Mathieson has been recalled to the Scotland Under 21 squad for the game against Germany this week.

Forfar have been relegated. This actually happened last week apparently but I missed it!

From the Courier :

Is it me or Queen's Scene who is on a different planet? He is raving about Steven Leslie yet again this week. He seems to think he is the second coming. I think he is more like Brewer's Droop!

East Fife  1  Arbroath   2
Forfar     3  Alloa      1
Inverness  3  Partick    2
Queens     2  Clyde      1
Stirling   0  Livingston 0


Just back today from a few days holidays in Letterkenny (Denis Boyle's home town and also my wife's aunties) and have been catching up on my e-Mail. I used to visit the Palmerston Lounge Bar before the game and picked up some good rumours but recently I have just been going straight into the ground. It would seem that the Bar is still the place to pick up rumours through as the following anonymous e-Mail will tell you. If you hear anything please let me know. PS. Didn't pick up many Denis stories in Letterkenny. There is a Boyle's bookie on the main street and a bus firm but I don't know if they have anything to do with him.

Well not really gossip, but I strongly recommend that you enjoy a pre-match pint in the Palmerston Bar before the game! If you had on Saturday then you would have been aware that Deggsie has Tonsillitis. Other gossip I heard in the bar on Saturday (though please don't attribute it to me!);Nesovic stormed off home after learning he wasn't in the squad! Former manager Alexander's playing career is over following ligament damage to his knee, and to confirm he walked right in to me as I departed the Portland Drive exit at the end of the game obviously in a hurry and looking rather disappointed!

Like I say, please don't use my name if using any of this, but I do like your straight to the point attitude of your report.

Colin Johnstone has also confirmed that Deggsie had tonsillitis. Thank Colin.


Arbroath  1  Livingston 1
Clyde     0  Alloa      1
East Fife 2  Forfar     1
Queens    1  Inverness  1
Stirling  3  Partick    0


Alloa      1  Arbroath  2
Forfar     2  Queens    1
Inverness  2  Stirling  2
Livingston 2  Clyde     0
Partick    2  East Fife 2

Queens run of six winning games in a row was brought to an end by bogey team Forfar. Fortunately, only Arbroath of the other bottom teams won and so our position didn't get much worse.

You may have noticed I've started a Player of The Season vote on the Front Page and the votes have started to trickle in. Without wishing to unduly influence anyone here's my front runners. I'll start up front were unfortunately, most of our problems have been this year, whoever Steve Mallan has never given up and deserves a mention. Ken Eadie has also done well when he's played. From the midfield my only candidate is Townsley who on his day is head and shoulders above anyone else in this division (literally). However, he hasn't been on his day enough this season. For me the main candidates are in defence, where, despite our poor form, we still have the fourth best record in the league. Mathieson started a bit shakily but is now back to his best, Lilley has now developed into a class player and George Rowe has been as consistent as ever. However, my player of the year is Andy Aitken, who I can't remember making a mistake since he came into the team after the departure of Love, and has played well at both Left Back and Centre Half. So go on, cast your vote on the home page.


Right, so I know a lot of you will be interested in my expert opinion as to what the big difference between the Rowan days and now are. Well, I'll tell you.

The most obvious answer is confidence. Even when things go wrong, such as the Forfar game, the management are willing to take their share of the blame instead of blaming the players, the board, the fans, Charlie Adams, anybody but themself. And there is the most obvious example of this , Charlie Adams, who is now playing with so much confidence and is showing the form I always though he would (go on, check some of my previous match reports). Next we have the midfield, which is much improved. Cleeland, who I know I was one of his biggest critics, now seems to be told to win the ball and give it Townsley, who has been given the freedom to what he is best at, make the play and run at the opponents. Again, read my earlier reports and I did say that Cleeland would be better employed in a Paul Lambert type role and I think that is what he is now doing. I'm still not sure about Leslie through, although he is doing quite well just now. And McAllister and Lilley are now giving us overlapping options from full back (Hate to say I told you so, but again see my earlier reports. Hell, I should be managing this team!). Overall, we now seem to know what to expect from the opposition, for instance in the last two games when we have been up against big but slow defences we have used the ball over the top to try to turn them. Compare this to the Ross County game! And there you have it.


Livingston and Inverness secured promotion this afternoon as Queen showed what should have been by moving into fourth with their sixth win in a row. It should have been us! On the bright side, Stranaer have been relegated back to were they belong (actually, they're still higher than they deserve) so we can look forward a New Millenniums Day game at Stair Park (I hope not) and Ross County have secured promotion for next season so we can look forward to gaining revenge for that cup defeat.

Nice to see Jim Leishman taking the time to write to Queens in today's program to apologise for the error in judgment they made a couple of weeks ago in judging the size of Queens travelling support, which he praises highly. We have taken great pleasure in hating The Hairy Poet over the years since his Dunfermline days but I have to say that if we'd had a manager with as much passion for his club as he has always shown for the first half of the season it would have been us getting promotion today.

Arbroath   2  Partick   1 
Inverness  3  Clyde     0
Livingston 1  Alloa     0
Queens     2  East Fife 0
Stirling   2  Forfar    2

A home game again at last again tomorrow against East Fife. A win will surely make us as good as safe. Thomson has been injured in training (8 stitches in a cut from a piece of broken glass! Great training facilities!).

Check out the picture in the new Junior Corner of Bits 'n' Pieces.


Tommy Bryce returned to Queens as a player on Thursday night after being sacked as manager of Partick Thistle and made his third Queens debut today as a 70th minute substitute at Alloa.

Alloa     3  Queens     5
Clyde     1  Arbroath   1
East Fife 1  Stirling   0
Forfar    0  Inverness  3
Partick   1  Livingston 1

From the Courier.

Queens Scene reports on his trip to Livingston last week and how Livy had totally underestimated the huge Queens support to the point where they were forced to open an empty stand to accommodate them. He also reckons Queens dominated the game.


Has anybody else been having problems with the Song on the Home page? It doesn't work any more on my computer because Microsoft Active Movie tries to play it instead of Real Audio. Its probably just me but if someone could let me know I'd be greatful.


Forfar    5  Arbroath  2
Inverness 4  East Fife 0
Livinston 1  Queens    2
Partick   0  Clyde     1
Stirling  1  Alloa     1

Tommy Bryce has been sacked as manager of Partick Thistle. It would be a shame to take the job away from Eadie and Rowe, especially as they are doing so well, but I'm sure Queens couldn't appoint a more popular manager than Tommy. Look out for developments.


Forgot to mention the latest on Rowan Alexander. He's now playing for Ayrshire junior side Cumnock.


Alloa     0  Partick    1
Arbroath  3  Inverness  1
Clyde     1  Forfar     0
East Fife 1  Livingston 1
QUEENS    3  Stirling   0

Didn't get my courier this week (Wait till I get my hands on that boy).

Enjoyed the Queens trivia in last weeks program, mainly cause its written by my mate G.H. and sorry to see it replaced by Degsey's Diary this week, he does the same thing every day! The feature should be back soon but I can give you a sneak preview of some of the stories to come. A few years back Queens went to Darkest Annan to play a pre season friendly and the game was 20 minutes late kicking off as the Queens bus got lost on the way to the ground! Another bus story from the bad old casual days (hope those prats are now embarrassed by their teen actions). Queens were playing Carlisle in a pre season friendly and the Queens supporters bus from Eastriggs had to be turned back on the outskirts of Dumfries after it was stoned by casuals who thought it was the Carlisle bus.


East Fife 0  Alloa      4
Forfar    2  Partick    1
Inverness 3  Livingston 1
QUEENS    3  Arbroath   0
Stirling  2  Clyde      3

From the Courier:

Queens Scene tells that Queens have the third best record in the division since New Year, only behind the two leaders. Old Sceney also reckons there is no reason we can't finish as high as we did last year! Personally, I'd settle for 8th.

A Message from Australia.

Just to let you know that the Queens spirit is alive and well in Australia. There are 6 ex-doonhamers (that I an in contact with) in and around Sydney.

They are:

	Myself (Kenny Macintyre)
	Jimmy Thomson (writer/ceater of Aussie soap "Breakers")
	Davy Richardson
	Andy Knox
	Alan Tingle 
	Lorraine Duff (the token female)

You also may like to know that I met Peter Sermanni (ex-Queens player) at my last work. He is currently playing for a state league team, Eastern Suburbs. His uncle, Tom Sermanni, has recently been appointed as coach to the National Soccer league team, Canberra Cosmos.

Keep up the good work!!

Kenny (


Gary Russell has got himself a few column inches in the Scottish press today. I was wondering why he wasn't playing on Saturday. Turns out Radio Clyde had reported the game was off (glad I didn't hear that!) so he didn't bother turning up! By the time he realised it was too late. Eadie says that he may struggle to get back in the team as Leslie and Cleeland played so well (God help us!). He also says that he is thinking of stopping playing to concentrate on Managing (God help us!). George Rowe, on the other hand, seems to be treating the incident as a bit of a laugh, as it was cause we won anyway.


Ya Hoo! My spel chequer's fixxd (I thinc!)


Alloa      1  Inverness 4
Arbroath   1  Stirling  0
Clyde      1  East Fife 0
Livingston 5  Forfar    0
Partick    1  Queens    3

The national press are saying that George Rowe and Ken Eadie have been given the managers job until the end of the season.

When Saturday Comes has an article on Queens this month and it paints a pretty gloomy picture.


Billy Houliston, possibly Queens best player of all time, died last week aged 77. Around 500 mourners attended his funeral .


Partick    0  Stirling  1   
16/2/99 Alloa 1 Clyde 0 Forfar 2 East Fife 4 Livingston 1 Arbroath 0
13/2/99 Inverness 1 Queens 0

The Scum is reporting that Scunthorpe are about to bid £25,000 for Alex Nesovic. Take the money and run!

As I write this (Saturday morning, nine thirty) it looks like our game in the frozen tundra region of Inverness is still on despite the weather.

Nothing much in the Courier this week, just that we were crap against Forfar, as if that's news.


Arbroath  1  Alloa      2
Clyde     0  Livingston 3
East Fife 1  Partick    0
Queens    0  Forfar     3
Stirling  1  Inverness  5


Heard a couple of Alexander rumours during the week, one that he played a trial game a couple of weeks ago for an Ayrshire junior side and one that he has been offered the managers job at a Glasgow junior side.

Received an e-mail from a Forfar fan in Southampton who is coming up to the game tomorrow. What a long way to come to see your side loose!


Forfar 3  Clyde 1


Sorry about the silence over the last two weeks as I was on holiday to the Costa Del Spare Room (decorating) and then had slight technical problems (OK, I wiped my Hard Disk!). And what a fortnight to miss as Queens, post Rowan, won their first two away games of the season and clawed themselves back onto the tail of East Fife. It looks like George Rowe and Ken Eadie are pushing themselves to the top of the favourites list for the managers job with their performances so far. Queens played well again today against Alloa at Palmerston today but could only manage a 0-0 draw.

On the subject of Rowan, it would seem he has taken up residence as a News of the World columnist. I don't actually buy the paper but apparently there was another two page interview with him last week and he is still doing nothing to get anybody on his side.

Arbroath   0  Clyde     3
Inverness  2  Forfar    0
Livingston 1  Partick   1
Queens     0  Alloa     0
Stirling   0  East Fife 1

Finally found a Forfar Athletic site on the WEB today and have added links to it on the season page. It's at

26/1/99   Stirling 1 Queens 3
20/1/99   Arbroath 2 Forfar 2 Livingston 1 East Fife 0
17/1/99   East Fife 0 Queens 1
16/1/99 Alloa 1 Livingston 3 Clyde 1 Inverness 1 Forfar 3 Stirling 3 Partick 0 Arbroath 0

Names mentioned in the Courier in connection with the Manager's job are : Miodrag Kripokavic (With Ivan Golac as advisor), Davie Irons, Tommy Bryce, Kevin Drinkell, Terry Christie and Ian McCall. Also mentioned in dispatches are Alan Ball, John McVeigh and Tommy McLean.


So, Rowan has gone. Believe it or not, I actually feel quite sorry for him. I don't think he was doing a good job but I think it could be too late for a new manager to make much difference and he could have been given the chance to get us out of the mess. As I said before, he seemed to get the fans back on his side at the meet the players night but apparently at the AGM he was back to his usual defensiveness. That has been my main gripe with him all along, he would never accept the blame for anything and was too quick to criticise the players and the fans. In the circumstances, I am not even going to mention the story on the front page of the Scottish Scum the day before his sacking.

George Rowe and Ken Eadie have taken over short term but the rumours of a replacement have started already. Ian McCall of Clydebank seems to be the favourite (God Help Us!) and the Scum (I read someone else's at work) also mentioned Tony Fitzpatrick, just sacked by St. Mirren and Campbell Money at Stranraer. Tommy Bryce would obviously be a big favourite with the fans but his position at Partick seems to have stabilised recently and Davie Irons, who has just taken over at Annan, would also be an outsider. A tip I received was for Jim Leishman who apparently applied for the job when Rowan got it three years ago.

Partick  2  Alloa 1

Forgot to mention this for my overseas readers. Ross were making a fuss in the national press about the Queensberry Hotel were they stayed last week, comparing it to faulty towers. Neil Cooper was complaining about the kettle. Apparently, he couldn't find a match to light a fire. I suppose somebody should have told them about electricity!


Inverness 2  Arbroath    0
Queens    1  Ross County 3

Little Tommy Tucker has been recalled from his loan spell by St. Mirren (and I thought he'd come from Morton) but Rowan is trying to get a 34 year old first division player. The Courier speculates that this could be Paul Harvey. I think I'm having a de ja vous thing.

A reliable source tells me Chris Doig will be playing from the start tomorrow for Nottingham Forest at Coventry.


Yesterday's game was postponed due to a water logged pitch and has been re arranged for next Saturday, the away game at Stirling therefore being postponed. Ross County were already in Dumfries having travelled down the day before. We have been drawn away to Clydebank, where ever they may be playing by then, not that it's likely to matter to us.


Today's Cup game with Ross County has been postponed.


Can anyone help with this request?

I was wondering if you knew the whereabouts of a young Australian GK named Scott Starr? He was with QOS in 97/98.



A final word from Jens, the Queens fan all the way from Germany.

Yes we were at the club bar, it was great. We go to Scotland at April or May, and we visit Queens of the South, because you was so friendly and nice. Your club song was very good. We are from Wuppertal, our favourite club in Germany is the Wuppertaler SV, it plays in the Third Division of Germany (Regionalliga West/ Südwest), the club colours are red- blue, like the flag. When we come to Dumfries again, I hope we can personally speak together. I hope that you can read my English, because it isn`t just so good. Bye and a happy new year 1999.




Rowan is making confident noises about tomorrows game and is thinking of keeping the same team despite the four suspended players being available.

Couple of replies to the 'Why is the Diamond having trials for The North' question.

His father is from the north and his mother is from the south. Therefore he can play for both. It was made aware to both associations and the north got in touch. I think the south have a very strong youth set-up,so he might struggle to be involved with them.

Cheers,Mark (

Dennis Boyle's father is Northern Irish, his mother Southern Irish, whoever makes him the first International offer will get him. I've put this info on the site also.

Colin (

Also receive the under noted messages from the German fans who came to Palmerston on Sunday.

Hi Stuart, sorry that I answer just now, but, we arrive Germany today, because, we went after the game to Manchester ( Man City- Stoke (28th) and Norwich- Watford (29th)), we were the 5 persons, who had the red- blue flag with, Queen of the South is are very great club, the persons are very friendly, it was great, perhaps we went to Dumfries on April again. I can only repeat me, it was so nice at your team.

Jens (


Alloa     2  Stirling  2
27/12/98   East Fife 3 Inverness 2 Queens 2 Livingston 2

Couple of terracing rumours today, neither of which I am willing to repeat in full on these pages. The first is that there was a fight in the toilet after the recent Karaoke night. Can't say who was involved but one of them has been mentioned on these pages more than once. The second, unrelated, maybe, rumour was about what the fans were singing at Alloa to upset Rowan. It could also explain why Nasovic has been put up for transfer.

Chris Doig, the ex Queens youngster, made his first team debut yesterday (Boxing Day) for Nottingham Forest against Manchester United at Old Trafford. Unfortunately, his team were humped 3-0.


Alloa    P  Stirling P
Arbroath P  Forfar   P
Clyde    0  Partick  1

The 'Donegal Diamond', Denis Boyle, has been away for trials with the Northern Ireland Under 18 team. Now, unless I am very much mistaken, and I know I'm not cause my wife's relatives come from the same town as Denis, Donegal is in the Republic of Ireland. Can anyone explain why he is having trials for the North?

Queens play Livingston tomorrow, Sunday at Palmerston with a 3 o'clock kick off.


From today's Courier.

Steven Leslie (22) of English Street, Dumfries has been fined £500 for assaulting Victoria Brown, c/o The Globe Inn, High Street, Dumfries on October 5th this year. The offence was committed in Raggazzis, English Street, Dumfries when he grabbed her by the hair, pulled her to the ground and repeatedly hit her head against a refrigerator to her injury.


Bit late with this weekss update as it was the work night out on Saturday night and I was in no state to produce my usual professional effort on the Sunday!

Kevin Doig and James McLeod have both been released (why?), Alex Nesovic has been transferred listed (that'll be right, were not short of creative midfielders!) and we have signed 18 year Gareth Armstrong on a months loan from Ayr United.

Alloa      3  Forfar    1
Arbroath   2  Inverness 1
Clyde      2  Queens    1
Livingston 0  Stirling  0
Partick    2  Inverness 1


Inverness 3  Alloa 2
12/12/98 East Fife 0 Clyde 0 Forfar 1 Livingston 2 Queens 0 Partick 0 Stirling 0 Arbroath 1
28/11/98 Alloa 2 Queens 1 Clyde 3 Arbroath 0 East Fife 2 Stirling 3 Forfar 2 Inverness 2 Partick 1 Livingston 3

Finally managed to get a copy of the QOS song that is played at home games. When I first launched this site last November this was one of the first things I wanted to do. The writer and singer, Chris Belfour, said it was OK straight away but I have been waiting for a copy of the tape from my mate, Gordon Harper, since then. Finally got it this week and sampled it in. It isn't great but hopefully you'll get the idea.


Not much in the Courier this week.

Rowan actually praised the fans in the program.

New signing, Tommy Turner, ex Morton. And did I mention that Graeme Love has been released?

Arbroath   1 Partick   0
Inverness  1 Clyde     1
Livingston 2 Alloa     1
Queens     0 East Fife 0
Stirling   3 Forfar    1
14/11/98   Arbroath 2 Livingston 2 Clyde 2 Alloa 1 East Fife 1 Forfar 0 Queens 2 Inverness 2 Stirling 2 Partick 2

An official Queens site is now up and running at It is run by Colin Johnston who is also responsible for the View from the Kennel Web site and was approached by Queens to set up an official site after he was featured in the program. It has been going for a few months now but was kept quite while it was still in the experimental stages but now it appears to be almost fully functional.


From the Courier :

Rowan is Queens longest serving manager since the 70's!

Rowan says he needs money and will continue if he has to die in the dug-out from the stress of the job!!!!!

Rowan says "If supporters want to speak to me, my door is open.". What a load of crap. Long term readers of this page will know it was started because of Rowan's attempts to stifle free speech by sacking the program team last year. Even last year, when the team was doing well, we still weren't happy with him because he won't talk to the fans.

He continues that he hasn't been able to field his first team all season because of injuries and suspensions. (who' faults that then ?)

He the babbles on about Morton for a while as usual and complains about a lack of money. I'll come back to that later.

Ronnie Bradford then takes over, telling us there will be no money to buy players. He denied that Rowan had been asked to resign. He points out that Rowan signed all but Mallan and Rowe for the club. He then states "If we are beaten at home by East Fife, then it's curtains. (COME ON EAST FIFE).

Queens scene then proceeds to support Alexander for a while then turns back on him.

Back to the money. Both Rowan and Queens Scene are looking for more. What a load of Ballocks! Queens are a second division team, not bloody Glasgow Rangers. Our role in life is to bring players through. We need to be out there finding new players, not spending money on existing ones. Just down the road at Gretna is possibly the best non league team in Scotland and I'm sure we could get many good players from the same places as they do, i.e. the North of England. We have already got Townsley and Cleeland from there (OK, it's maybe not such a great idea.) and I see no reason why we can't get more from this area. Another thing the Courier says is that Rowan has identified possible acquisitions but there is no pot of gold. Big deal, I could tell you that Ronaldo would solve all our problems but what we need is someone who will see that young Jimmy Smith playing at right back for Dumfries Academy Under 18's or Joe Bloggs, Workington Reds Midfielder, will solve all our problems.

In a surprise move, Steve Mallan sticks up for Alexander. Wonder what he's after!

Finally, an insider says that we won't see Norman Blount at many more games. (told you so, see 17/9/98)



I've heard it said on many occasions that the sign of a good Manager is that he takes the pressure of the players by taking the blame for bad performances and praising the players for good performances. With this in mind here is a quote from Rowan from today's scum.

'Some of the players aren't listening to the instructions they're given. That was our worst performance of the season but some of the players don't take defeat all that seriously. They're quite happy to pick up their wages and not worry about playing for the jersey.'


Alloa      1  Arbroath   1
Forfar     1  Queens     1
Inverness  3  Stirling   1
Livingston 2  Clyde      0
Partick    0  East Fife  1

Queens slumped to second bottom of the league. If you are reading this, Mr Alexander sir, I'm going to tell you why a side that should be challenging for promotion is in the relegation zone. First, we need an overlapping right back a la David Kennedy. Dean Payne didn't do too bad a job at the end of last season, what happened to him? We also need someone to hold the midfield. Too often we leave massive gaps for the opposition to attack. When we are attacking all four are too far forward and when we are defending all four are too far back. We someone to close the spaces which are left in the middle of the park. Now you know, fix it!


From the Courier:

Craig Flannigan played and scored for Partick as a trialist last week.

Alexander had the cheek to say that the back three worked well in the first half. Is he blind or just stupid. It was obvious to me where the week spots were and although Stirling only exploited it once in the first half their manager obviously got them told at half time just how poor our tactics were and they ripped us apart in the second half. And how often have we seen this in the past. Opposition managers can pick their way through Rowan's tactics with ease.

Rowan also thinks its good we are getting our suspensions in early as everyone one else will have them later in the season! Crazy man!


Found out the trialist on Saturday was none other than the one and only Colin McKie. Nope, I've never heard of him either. Apparently, he isn't interested in playing for Queens but was just passing through on his way to a trial in England. Oh well, no great loss as far as I could see. He did not bad but no better than Eadie or Mallan. He didn't have to have a clue about off side, being caught miles off a couple of times. This could have been because he was too quick for Queens oh so slow midfield and was making runs before the pass but at least once he was never on side the whole move.


Site received its 1,000 visit today, but it was from me so nobody wins the prize!

Stirling Albion at Palmerston this afternoon, report later.

Alloa     3  Partick    1
Arbroath  0  Inverness  1
Clyde     3  Forfar     1
East Fife 2  Livingston 3
Queens    2  Stirling   3

From the Courier:

Jim Thomson is suspended tomorrow but would have been out injured anyway. Rowe is suspended from next week for two games, Doig is out for this week and Eadie is out till after the Forfar game.

There will be an unnamed striker playing as a trialist who has experience in England and the Premier League. Co-operative as ever, Rowan would only reveal that he has played for Killie and Falkirk.


Queens have been given a bye in the first round of the Scottish Cup and then meet Ross County at Palmerston in the second round on 2nd January, 1999. Oh well, there goes the cup run.


David Mathieson made the scum's team of the day, with a score of 9, and we still lost 2-0. By all accounts, we were lucky to get nil.

Forfar  1  Arbroath  3

Was going to go up to Livingston today but in view of the weather I'm not going to bother as the roads will be bad and the game will be off anyway knowing Livingston.

From the Courier this week :

Rowan on our chances against Livingston : "All records good and bad must come to an end. It will be all down to hard work. What with Ken Eadie suspended, I might get my boots back on for 45 minutes. It's down to mental attitude, and I am pleased with the players' performance against Clyde at the weekend"

Dumfries teenager Brian Caldwell is knocking at the door for a place in the team along with Bailey and Aitken.

Suspensions pending : Eadie - 2 games, Thomson - 3 games (from next week), Doig - 2 games (1 to go), Rowe, Townsley and Nesovic one point away.

Forfar      P  Arbroath   P
Inverness   4  East Fife  2
Livingston  2  Queens     0
Partick     0  Clyde      2
Stirling    4  Alloa      2

Amazingly, the game went ahead despite the rain, very unusual for Livingston. Nothing unusual through that Queens lost away.


Back from a few days in Blackpool today. While I was there went to Granada Studios in Manchester where you could browse the internet for free so decided to have a look at my site and discovered it didn't work in Netscape!

Checked the code when I got home and found that I had some \'s which should have been /'s. For some reason IE4 corrects this error but Netscape gives an error report. I don't know if the original error was me or my WYSIWYG editor (Ye, we're really interested - readers).

Anyway it works now. No wonder Colin's site gets so many more hits than mine! Just watch that counter spin now, Colin!


Not going to make it to the Clyde game today. Been suffering from the cold all week and need to get rid of it. This could be bad news as I just realised I haven't seen Queens loose yet this season. I missed the only home defeat by Livingston and the only away game I have been to seen us get our only away point of the season at Partick. I AM QUEENS LUCKY MASCOT.

Two new members added.

And another vote for the poll from my mate Tree. He's a very strange man. If you want to see the names of some guys you forgot about years ago look at the best team section.

East Fife  0  Arbroath   3
Forfar     1  Alloa      2
Inverness  3  Partick    2
Queens     2  Clyde      1
Stirling   1  Livingston 3

11/10/98   Partick 2 Forfar 0

Partick go top, Forfar stay bottom.


Alloa      5  East Fife 1
Arbroath   2  Queens    1
Clyde      2  Stirling  1
Livingston 2  Inverness 1 

Steven Leslie joined Jamie McAllister in the 'I've been to court' club last this week but this time he was there on his own behalf on assault charges. Alexander says he will keep him out of the team till after the trial is finished as his mind won't be on it. Rowan's great team spirit regime continues.

Rowan has invited us all along to training to witness the great team spirit. Anybody fancy going to boo him? On the subject, I don't understand the paper talk about the Palmerston boo boys. I think the fans have been behind the team this season. There is only one person we don't have confidence in and that's Rowan himself but even he is getting of very lightly if you compare it to the old days.


Arbroath   0  Clyde     0
Inverness  2  Forfar    2
Livingston 1  Partick   0
Queens     2  Alloa     1
Stirling   3  East Fife 2

Jamie McAllister made it into the Oh Ah Daily Star during the week in a story titled 'Soccer in Strip Search Hell' or some similar tabloid headline. Apparently, after a game last year him and a couple of mates had been in a Perth club when they had their collars felt but the rozers who thought they were trying to sell ecstasy. They were handcuffed, taken to the station and stripped searched. Jamie's mate had some tablets on him and was charged and Jamie was appearing at the trail. His pall got off cause it turned out it was only aspirins or something that he had. Now, who were Queens sponsors last year? (Clue, the police, Just Say No To Drugs.)


East Fife  2  Queens    0

Queens in Sunday experiment again. Queens loose again. Queens have 2 players sent of again. Rowan has been going all week about the great team spirit at Palmerston. Anyone who read my report on the Forfar game will find this strange! 2 more players sent of today. Doesn't sound too good to me.


Not a lot to say today. Queens don't play till tomorrow. Added another member.


Alloa   3  Livingston 4
Clyde   4  Inverness  1
Forfar  L  Stirling   W  (Anyone tell me the score, missed it)
Partick 2  Arbroath   0

Heard a rumour yesterday which I am not going to repeat but I would just like everybody to know that if it turns out to be true I knew first. So there, mysterious or what?

Vote received for Peter Dickson as player of the century. About time!



Arbroath  0  Alloa      2
Clyde     1  Livingston 1
East Fife 1  Partick    3
Queens    3  Forfar     0
Stirling  0  Inverness  1

I would appear Norman's dreams are coming true as the crowd dips below 1,000 for the first time in the last 2 seasons (see below). Queens however finally lift themselves of the bottom of the league.

Yet another vote received for Tommy Bryce in the best player poll as he pulls away from the field in this category.


In todays Courier Norman is desperately trying to defend Rowan's position. He says "Yes, I am backing Rowan for the rest of the season and the sooner everybody knows that the better. I am sick of these prophets of doom who think that the answer to everything is a sacking. Football is full of that, and it won't happen here. If the fans don't turn up, then that's fine ; but we have a good team, and we have not been beaten by big deficits."

"Ian McCall won't be here unless he is in the crowd watching some of our good players. A newspaper will be printing a retraction. I have every faith in our manager. We have played some good football and we have not been getting gubbed." The usual crap about the other teams in the league thinking we're the best team in the league follows.

I must admit that my main gripe with Alexander isn't so much his managerial style, he has assembled a very good side although I'm beginning to doubt his ability to turn good players into a good team. My problem is with his attitude to the fans. He sacked the program team last year to try to stamp out freedom of speech, he openly admits his love for Morton over Queens and regularly sneers at the fans from his hidden position in the dug out (yes Rowan, we can see you from the enclosure sometimes.).

I must say however that there couldn't be a worse replacement than McCall. He is even less popular in Dumfries than Alexander and I only hope that Norm is telling the truth on this one.

Let me tell you a story about McCall to show why he is so unpopular. I was out one night a couple of years ago in the pub when in walks superstar McCall with a couple of minders. I kid you not. Now, he knew most of the group I was with from school but proceeded to ignore the rest of us to talk to one of my mates who could have been a pro if he'd wanted to, must have reckoned he was nearly on his letter. The great Pele puts him arm around him and says "You're the best sweeper I ever played with", pause, "Apart from Richard Gough." (bow at my feet, I've played for Rangers). My mate replies, "Thanks, Gordon", having got the great one mixed up with his brother. He was not happy!


Heard a lovely rumour yesterday. Apparently Norman Blount is about to resign to be replaced by Ronnie Bradford as Chairman. And Ronnie doesn't want Alexander so he'll be on his bike too. I actually don't like to ask for somebody to loose their job but for Queens sake this is the best thing that could happen.


Looked good at half time when 1-0 up at Inverness but seams the second half was the same old story.

Alloa      3  Clyde     0
Forfar     1  East Fife 2
Inverness  3  Queens    2
Livingston 2  Arbroath  1
Partick    1  Stirling  0

Its now actually the 12th and I've finally managed to muster the enthusiasm to update the page. Queens are now clear at the bottom. Ro actually seems quite pleased cause we're doing twice as well as last season!

Forfar     2  Clyde     2
Inverness  2  Arbroath  1
Livingston 3  East Fife 1
Partick    1  Alloa     0
Stirling   1  Queens    0

Steve Mallan has asked for a transfer. He is unhappy at being left out recently. I'd never have guessed that!

Another new member added to the members page.

Season page now links to a new improved Stirling Albion page.


Alloa     7  Stirling   0
Arbroath  2  Forfar     1
Clyde     1  Partick    2
East Fife 1  Inverness  5
Queens    0  Livingston 1

Finally updated Squad page.

Classic quote from Alexander in the weekend papers. He starts of by blaming Mathieson for loosing the game on Saturday and then says he is worried about his confidence! What does he expect?


From Courier :

Nesovic, apparently, nearly asked for a transfer after last weeks game(whatever that means!). And Stranraer are interested in Lilley.

Took in my first away game in a long time at Firhill yesterday. See my report on the reports page. Was hoping to update my squad page with the program notes but they weren't very good so looks like I'll have to do it myself.

Yesterdays Results :

Alloa      1  Inverness 1
Arbroath   0  Stirling  3
Clyde      0  East Fife 0
Livingston 1  Forfar    1
Partick    2  Queens    2

According to the Sunday Mail Queens are showing an interest in Paul Harvey, a Raith Rovers midfielder. Don't ask me anything else, I've never heard of him either.


4 of yesterday's 5 games attracted crowds of over 1,000. Looks like crowds are going to be relatively high in the 2nd division this year.

Found another Queens page. Added it to my links on home page. Give it a visit at


Queens have signed Kevin Doig from Kilmarnock.

Alexander has been slagging Charlie Adams for his lack of goals! He's only played for 30 minutes!

There have been letters for and against Alexander in the local press but the Courier jumped to his defence last night. Why?

Couple of new members added.


East Fife 2  Alloa      2
Forfar    0  Partick     1
Inverness 2  Livingston 1
Queens    0  Arbroath   0
Stirling  1  Clyde      2


From today's Courier:

Got the team for last Tuesday night. See Ross Milligan played at right back. He is a Dumfries boy who has been with Rangers and played a few games for Carlisle last season and had played in a couple of pre season games.

Queens are waiting for 'International Clearance' if you please, to field Craig Potts, who they have been in a tug of war with Gretna over.

Townsley may be back next weekend (they said that about Flannigan all last year).

Queens trying to fix up a friendly for Saturday (8/8/98) possibly against Billy McLaren's Albion Rovers.



Alloa      1  Forfar    2
Arbroath   0  East Fife 2
Clyde      2  Queens    0
Livingston 1  Stirling  1
Partick    0  Inverness 1



'Mr Motivator ', Rowan Alexander, was at it again today in the papers, blaming the players for Saturday's diabolical performance. OK, I admit I wasn't at any of the pre season games, but my 'source' is sad enough to have even taken a half day to go to Blyth and he assures me that this is the first time he has seen this system played. Could this maybe have had something to do with it? I'll say it again, Denis Boyle at Right Back, That's shocking Alexander!


Snippets from the terracing yesterday.

Looks like Jim Thomson will be staying. Apparently he can earn more by keeping his current job and playing part time with Queens than he would if he went to Hibs.

Look out for improvements to the program. Alexander has given up on trying to write it himself and the guys who were sacked last season have been brought back in. They will produce the program again from the next one. And they have insisted that Alexander's only input is his No Place Like Home page.

The program gives last seasons attendance figures. Queens had total home crowds of 22,750 for an average of 1,264, making them the third best supported team in the league behind Inverness (31,921/1,773) and Livingston (23,322/1,296).

Additions Today

Report on Inverness game.

Fixtures for 98/99 added.

Now links to all opponents (Except Forfar).

(Stirling link bit dodgy, anybody know better one?).

(Note : As of Sept 1998 I have now found a better Stirling site which I now link to)

Some changes to front page.

97/98 Results\Reports no longer available.

Hope to make these available for download from Reports page.


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At last, after all the pussying around during the summer, real football returns today. Things are not looking as bleak as they did after the Chairman's announcements at the end of last season. Tam Bryce has gone to Partick as manager and taken Disco Des McKewan and David Kennedy with him and Robert Conner seems to have disappeared without trace, probably to retirement. And Craig Flannigan has been unceremoniously dumped. Jim Thomson is still here despite rumours of a big money move to Hibs. This one is still running.

But we have added Charlie Adams from Partick and Lee Bailey from Livingston, who along with Steve Mallan and Ken Eadie make us look very strong up front. Nesovic has been playing in the pre season games and while he doesn't seem to have been managing full games hopefully he will be back soon to bolster the midfield. If Dennis Boyle can fulfil the potential he showed at the end of last season the loss of Bryce, McKewan and Conner shouldn't prove too big a burden, and Leslie and Cleeland are supposed to have been doing well pre season. It would also seem that left sided midfield player Craig Potts could be joining from English non league Gretna but at the moment is involved in a tug of war between the two clubs. Watch this space! I think we look weak down the right but we shall see.

Queens are unbeaten in 7 pre season matches. First to feel the power of the mighty South were Workington Town who fell 3-0, goals from Bailey, Mallan and Adams. we got a draw, 2-2 against Falkirk at Palmerston., Townsley and Mallan scoring. Stranraer were thumped 3-1 next thanks to Rowe, Mallan and Bailey and we beat Dunston 2-0 on our North East England tour with Adams and Boyle scoring. We beat Blyth Spartans 4-3 to complete the tour, the scorers where Potts, Bailey (2) and Leslie with a penalty, Drew 2-2 with Annan Athletic playing a fringe team, goals from Eadie and Weir, then got a 1-1 draw against English Second Division Walsall, Bailey getting the goal (again).

The bookies make Queens fourth favourites for the league behind the Livingston Has Beens who have been spending money like water on has beens and never weres, down and out Partick Thistle, who are broke and on the slide and Inverness Caledonian Thistle, who we slaughtered last season. I see no reason why we can't beat all of this lot. However, I am worried about the other relegated team, Stirling Albion, who gave us a right hammering in the cup last year and looked a far better team than us. Still, I'm more optimistic than I expected to be at the end of last season.